CodeHarbor for MOOCs

You're developing and running MOOCs that include auto-graded programming exercises?

CodeHarbor for Universities

You're teaching large programming classes at university and use auto-graders for assessment?

CodeHarbor for Schools

You're teaching programming at school and need auto-gradeable programming exercises?

Search, discuss and create exercises

CodeHarbor allows to share, rate, and discuss auto-gradeable programming exercises with colleagues and peers. Re-use existing exercises, clone exercises and adjust them to your needs. Translate exercises to other human languages or port them to other programming languages. You always keep full control with whom you share.

Create exercise collections

Create collections of your favorite exercises for your future needs. Share collections with colleagues and peers. Export them to your favorite auto-grader or download them as XML.

Create user-groups and share exercises with your group.

If you decide not to share your exercises with everybody, declare it private and only allow access to selected groups or users.

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